SPACE-IR_cameraThis Space infrared (IR) camera has successfully flown on three shuttle missions (STS-128, STS-131, and STS-135). Tracking of the International Space Station began at 43 km, immediately following camera initialization. Longer ranges can be achieved with use of different lenses. Flight video is available on request.

This camera can be used for calculating range and bearing for a chase vehicle approaching a target. It can also be used for ranging information between satellites. The camera can also provide thermal analysis of space objects.

Neptec can provide a processor card with the camera and is developing the software needed to calculate range and bearing in real-time.


  • High-sensitivity: less than 6 mK
  • Low NETD: 38 mK with F1 25mm lens
  • Low power: 2 watts
  • Compact: 2.1” x 3.2” x 1.7” (without lens)
  • Lightweight: 5.1 oz (without lens)
  • Single connection USB 2.0 for control, image transfer and power
  • Radiometric capable
  • Flexible lens options 10mm to 150mm
  • Operational temperature of –25°C to +40°C


Customizable Software and Electronics

  • Windows ™ apps
  • DLL
  • Labview support
  • Uses common AIR software