IMG_0526Neptec is the team lead for the design and development of a family of lunar rover concept vehicles currently in development in conjunction with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

With plans to explore the Moon, these terrestrial prototype vehicles will be capable of a variety of functions including exploration, mapping of the lunar surface, drilling for water, excavation, preparation of landing sites for lunar landers and transporting astronauts to their lunar bases.

The Juno Rover is one example of a unique and robust vehicle that offers a high degree of modularity while allowing the rover to be adapted to a variety of different payloads and mission scenarios. The rover mobility system is designed to be operated in the thermal extremes and vacuum of the lunar environment, as well as to be tolerant of the harsh, dusty environment expected on the surface of the Moon and Mars.

Integrated navigation and communications capabilities allow the rovers to be controlled through tele-operations from a remote site either at a nearby outpost, or from an operations centre here on Earth. The rovers will also be capable of supervised autonomous operations to enable some exploration and science activities to proceed without human intervention.

This evolving family of rovers is being developed by a team of leading organizations – each highly regarded in their specific area of expertise. This group of companies has been assembled by Neptec to advance key design capabilities that will be crucial to successful rover operation in a future mission.