REACT Processor CardThe onboard PowerPC MPC8548 provides over 3000MIPS of processing power. It also offers double-precision floating point with vectorization, a capability that makes this device a high-performance processing solution for a wide range of scientific applications. A Virtex FPGA can be user programmed for increased data processing capability and easy interfacing to external devices.

REACT runs a ruggedized Linux 2.6 Operating System and comes with a complete SDK. This configuration is well-suited for rapid prototyping on a desktop environment and ideal for migration to the flight platform.


  • PowerPC MPC8548, 1.2GHz core clock
  • 64kB of L1 cache, 512kB of L2 cache with parity protection
  • 512MB of DDR2 memory with ECC protection and scrubbing
  • 256MB of fully redundant Flash memory with Reed-Solomon FEC and double device correction
  • Integrated software and hardware watchdogs
  • Advanced built-in self-test and monitoring system
  •  Xilinx Virtex 2 Pro (XC2VP20) FPGA
  • 2 x RS422 Interfaces
  • 2 x USB 2.0 interfaces
  • 2 x 100Mbps Ethernet ports
  • 3 x I2C Serial Interfaces
  • Custom IO interface