Angels Processor CardThe on-board high-performance DSP provides 1M Bit on-chip SRAM and up to 1GFLOPS of processing power. With hardware support for double-precision floating point operations, this processor card is ideal for scientific applications. The on-board FPGA can be user programmed for increased data processing capability and ease of interfacing to external devices.

This processor card consumes as little as 1 Watt of power when operated at lower clock speed. Its radiation-hardened design is well suited for low and high orbit applications.


  • High-performance floating point DSP
  • 512kB of internal program cache, 512kB of dual-access internal data memory
  • 128kB of fully redundant EEPROM
  • 64MB of volatile memory (optional)
  • Hardware watchdogs
  • Advanced built-in self-test and monitoring system
  • RS422 serial interface
  • Supports remote software upload
  • General purpose digital interface