ExoMars Navigation Camera

ExoMars is a European Space Agency (ESA) Programme in international cooperation with multiple space agencies that will explore the surface and sub-surface of Mars.

DESTIN Lunar Drill

DESTIN: Drilling Exploration & Sample Technology Integrated. Designed for use on the lunar surface.

Advanced Crew Medical System (ACMS)

McGill and Neptec have developed an operational concept of an advanced fully integrated crew medical system (ACMS) for exploration class missions.

Canadian Astro-H Metrology System (CAMS)

Two metrology systems will be installed inside the spacecraft’s main body.

360 Scanning LiDAR

This LiDAR was developed for planetary rover applications with a focus on situational awareness, mapping and hazard avoidance. Using a novel, patented spinning design, it is able to scan rapidly over a field of view of 360° in azimuth and 45° in elevation.

 Rover Systems Integrator

Neptec is developing a lunar rover to be used in multiple configurations – giving it a unique, mission-flexible design.

 Artemis Jr Rover

Artemis Jr is a 1g terrestrial prototype rover that was designed, developed and tested by a Neptec-led team of organizations. The Artemis Jr Rover was designed to operate as a surface mobility platform for a variety of science payloads and instruments for upcoming lunar missions.

 Automated Rendezvous and Docking Sensor

Neptec’s TriDAR combines the optical design of a space qualified, near field Laser Camera System (based on triangulation) with a long-range Time-of-Flight (LiDAR) system. TriDAR operates at distances ranging from 5 metres to over 2000 metres without sacrificing speed or precision at either end of the range.

 SPACE-IR Camera

High-performance 640 by 480 infrared (IR) camera for use in Space environments.

 On-Orbit Spacecraft Inspection

Neptec’s Laser Camera System (LCS) is used to make high-precision 3D measurements of spacecraft surfaces at ranges of one to three metres.

 International Space Station Assembly

Neptec’s Space Vision System (SVS) is used to provide real-time, precise visual and numerical alignment and positioning cues to the Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) crews when installing new modules during the assembly of the space station.

 Hawkeye Laser Rangefinder

Hawkeye is a LiDAR-based range finder qualified for use in Geosynchronous Orbit (GEO). Specifically designed to provide Satellite Situational Awareness for formation flying applications.

 Hawkeye Processor Card

A high-performance processor card designed to support a wide range of satellite payload computational demands.

 REACT Processor Card

Neptec’s REACT high-performance processor card is targeted for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications. It is fully space qualified with flight heritage on multiple missions.

 Laser Communications & Situational Awareness

The Combined Laser Communication and Situational Awareness System (CSAS) is a single system providing both high-speed communication and relative positioning between spacecraft flying in formation.