Welcome to Neptec UK Ltd.

Neptec UK Ltd. is an experienced spaceflight engineering company. Opened in Harwell, Oxfordshire in October 2014, Neptec UK is a subsidiary of Neptec Design Group Ltd. of Ottawa, Canada, an award-winning technology innovator for the space market and NASA Prime Contractor. Neptec UK provides support to our European based customers as well as specializing in the UK development of space qualified metrology instruments, IR cameras and other intelligent sensors.

 The only definition of success that matters to Neptec is our customer’s mission success.

Latest Technology


Proba 3 TechnologyProba-3

The HAMS (Hi-Accuracy Measurement System for precise formation flying) is responsible for measuring the distance between the two satellites to micrometer accuracy so that they are effectively flying joined to each other, even though there is no physical connection.

It is expected that this technology will  allow smaller satellites to be launched from earth independently and then joined in space to form larger structures or platforms such as large telescopes. We also expect to exploit potential terrestrial applications for this technology.



Lunar Landing LiDAR

Neptec is designing a landing sensor for an unmanned mission to the south polar region of the Moon, the first in a series of launches that could see the first human habitat on the Moon. The sensor is named  LEIA (LIDAR Extra- terrestrial  Imaging Applications) and is scheduled to fly in 2021 on a Soyuz rocket.





Space IR Camera

Neptec is developing an all European (non ITAR) space IR camera that has been designed in a modular fashion such that it can perform multiple space operations. The camera is able to provide accurate situational awareness information (range and bearing) for activities such as satellite servicing and orbital debris removal. The same camera with alternate optics will also be able to provide earth observation data that will be useful for identifying thermal areas of interest such as forest fires, volcanoes and shipping traffic. The  camera is designed to be low cost with a very  small mass, volume and power.